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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) ruptures remain one of the most devastating injuries to the young competitive athlete. The ACL is the major supporting ligament within the knee joint providing stability to the knee during running,


Platelet Rich Plasma

Uses natural properties of your own body to treat your injury. For many years, platelet rich plasma delivered to the site of injury has created growing interest for use in orthopaedic procedures.


Stem Cell Therapy In ACL Reconstructive Surgery

Stem cells are the most potent healing and regenerative factors present in our body. Healing subsequent to an injury or surgery involves a complex but specific sequence of events that requires various cells, such as proteins and growth factors to promote faster healing.



There are many controversial choices when it comes to selecting a graft for ACL reconstructive surgery. Though there are other graft options including Hamstring tendons, Quadriceps tendon or Cadaveric tissue....


  • Dr. Desimone is an incredibly skilled surgeon who truly cares about his patients. I recently had the pleasure of having Dr. Desimone perform a procedure on me, and I couldn't be happier with the results.
    From the initial consultation through the follow-up appointments, Dr. Desimone was thorough, professional, and compassionate. He took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns, and made me feel completely at ease throughout the entire process.
    Dr. Desimone's expertise and attention to detail are truly remarkable. He made sure to explain every step of the procedure to me, and he was always careful to ensure that I was comfortable and pain-free.
    The results of the surgery were even better than I had hoped for. Not only did Dr. Desimone address the issue I had come to him for, but he also took the time to make sure that everything looked natural and symmetrical.
    Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Desimone to anyone in need of a skilled and compassionate surgeon. His dedication to his patients is truly inspiring, and I feel incredibly grateful to have had him as my surgeon.

    Michael Fedida 05/17/2023

  • Dr. DeSimone is by far the best. My son was 13 when he tore his ACL. Dr. D did the procedure on him on Christmas Eve and my son was back to baseball in less time than expected. More recently, my son tore his labrum and Dr. D once again got him back on the field quickly and continued to check up on him. Dr. D, Eric and Paul have all gone above and beyond with our family. We have been made to feel like family by everyone at his office. My son is back playing collegiate baseball thanks to Dr. DeSimone and his staff. Thank you Dr. D!

    Tammy Centi 03/25/2023

  • Amazing doctor ! As a human being and as a professional. My son had a meniscus tear playing football. Dr. Desimone performed surgery and he did an amazing job saving his meniscus. All the process was very professional from beginning to end and we are very thankful with Dr. Desimone. God continues to bless him and use him. Thank you Dr. Desimone !

    Wanda Martinez 03/16/2023

  • Friendly and courteous staff, from the front desk to the PAs! Dr DeSimone is sincerely concerned about his patient’s health and explains procedures and options thoroughly. I have recommended him to friends many times. Caring and professional team!

    Rennette Raybon 03/05/2023

  • Fellow physician here, Dr Desimone has operated on both ACL's with 10 years in between injuries and is a rare breed of surgeon that is the best and dedicated to his craft but also cares for his patients with genuine empathy. A rare combination of kindness and ability! Thank you for giving me stable knees to be there for my family and stay healthy and active!

    Jonathan Grima 03/04/2023

  • I have been a patient of Dr Desimone and have had the pleasure of seeing many of the specialists and staff there for years. There is no ortho clinic anywhere, that is better than this clinic and team. They are precise, professional and ALWAYS at the top of their game! I have been in healthcare for 32 years and can only aspire to run healthcare fractionally as well as Dr Desimone and his team! I send anyone and everyone I know needing ortho help to Dr Desimone and have since the first time I met him! All doctors can take a lesson on bedside manner from Dr Desimone! He's simply the best there is!

    David Goroway 02/28/2023

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